Julia Jackson: Explore her Passion for Wine Markets

Julia is a business figure in the wine industries, born to Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke in 1988. She says that she always had a special interest in wine, regardless of the fact that grew up around wine. Julia discovered her love for this industry when she was still very young. In fact, she says it is for “as far back as I can remember.”

Julie remembers how her dad would emphasize the importance of hard work. As she recalls, Mr. Jess would send kids to the field to pick and sort grapes. Mind you; this was during summer when the weather was ranging at 100 degrees. According to Jesse, kids had to learn what it took to succeed, something Julia remembers to date.

Aspects Catapulting Julia’s Booming Success

Julia started practicing hard work while she was young. During summer, she would work at Jackson family wineries after school. While there, she initiated a good relationship with one of the winemaker’s daughter. Her friendship with the French-speaking girl blossomed considerably. Julia had a lifetime opportunity to learn French. She also studied more about French cultures, what she confirms was always a “lifelong passion.”

Fascinating Information About the Jackson’s Wineries

Jess’ family operates Jackson’s family collection of wines. Jess and wife serve in top leadership, while their children hold important posts within the firm. Since its conception in 1982, the company has always registered tremendous success. Julia co-works with a global sales crew that endeavors in serving global markets. Julia performs crucial roles in protecting their brand and popularizing it. Her focus is mainly on the new group of wine drinkers.

In a Nutshell

Julia even went ahead to learn about French wine-making styles. As such, it becomes easy for her to attract wine drinkers from that region. How wise of Julia? Jackson family wines premises will keep flourishing on a daily basis with such commitment.

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Helane Morrison, An Assertive And Ardent Executive.

Helane Morrison is an assertive woman who stands for integrity and accountability. She is a firm speaker against corruption and exploitation of the public by the large corporations. Morrison is a member of Executive Committee and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. As a Chief Compliance Office, she is committed to building public confidence in the financial industry by enforcing regulatory compliance, accountability and integrity. Morrison joined the San Francisco largest advisory firm in 2007 where she also serves as a Managing Director. She works with an enforcement team who investigates mutual fund advisors, brokerage firms, and financial advisors before they are entrusted with client’s resources. The team ensures all customers’ investments are ethical, and any anomalies result in disciplinary actions such as pressing of criminal charges.

Morrison graduated with a degree in Journalism from the NorthWest University, Illinois and later acquired a Juris Doctor from the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law. She started her legal career as a law clerk to Justice Harry Blackmun and Hon. Richard Posner. She practiced law for ten years and became a partner at a private law firm after practicing for five years. As an attorney, she was involved in business litigation, SEC matters, internal corporate litigation and defense of private securities. She defended clients in class-action suits and worked in arbitrations where she defended stock brokerage firms and brokers.

Morrison assertive and hardworking characters were recognized by the government and were appointed as an enforcement head at the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco office. She was later elevated and became the first female Regional Director of the SEC San Francisco office. In her tenure at the SEC, she enforced regulatory compliance and securities. She represented SEC in the financial community, government agencies, legal issues and business issues. Her area of jurisdiction included Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Northern Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Northern California states. She brought forth significant cases against large enterprises and fraudulent executives of corporations like NextCard Inc., Hewlett-Packard, HBO and Google. She spearheaded actions against auditors of California Microdevices and Republic Securities of New York. Her quest for justice saw her backdate cases of technology companies of Silicon-Valley and expose false security sale to more than 50,000 military personnel.

Helane Morrison is ardent about compliance in the financial industry and also seeks to bridge the discrepancies of the women and men in the financial field.