How Brian Torchin Consistently Provides Qualified Candidates for the Health Care Industry

Brian Torchin has led a busy life since graduating from the University of Delaware in 1992. He is currently the president of a healthcare staffing agency known as Health Care Recruitment Counselors or HCRC for short.

Prior to opening his own staffing agency he had worked extensively in the field of recruitment and management for many medical offices located in the areas of Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida.

It was his job to staff these offices with qualified doctors, physical therapists and physician assistants. The knowledge and expertise he gained through these positions helped him open one of today’s leading health care staffing agencies.

Making Lasting Connections

Brian Torchin is often described as someone who is capable of finding the best solutions for health care staffing.

He strives to excel at what he does in order to attain client satisfaction as well as retention. His company consistently provides medical organizations with numerous qualified candidates within their selected fields.

As a professional businessman, Torchin believes in building strong relationships with his clients to ensure that both they and the people they hire are satisfied with his company’s services.

He has a pension for paying attention to detail and always maintains a positive outlook regardless of what state the economy might be in.

It is Brian Torchin’s attention to detail that allows him to provide the best candidates for his clients. He understands the way business fluctuates even within the medical profession.

Many health care facilities such as hospitals, want to retain patient satisfaction even when they need to reduce their costs or their number of readmissions. It is the mission of his company to consistently provide health care facilities with the type of qualified candidates they need in order to keep growing.

Even with all of the interaction Brian Torchin has with his staffing company, he still makes time to post blogs about topics relative to the industry he services.

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