Whoever Wins the Presidential Race Could Have a Huge Impact on the Livelihood of Many Americans

This years presidential race may be the most aggressive yet. Each debate seems to up the ante a little more. Each candidate is trying extremely hard to discount the other’s political plans and strongly advocate for their own. Honestly, it makes for great entertainment, but it’s tough to say if you can believe wholeheartedly in either candidate.

I think most Americans are most skeptical about how each candidate, if voted in, will affect their livelihood for better or for worse. Each candidate has talked about plans they think will have a huge impact on the nation.

Both candidates have expressed a want to alter the way estate taxes are handled. Both Clinton and Trump also agree that certain areas of the estate tax should be removed. This removal will no doubt bring more attention to capital gains taxes. They do have different plans to handle the estate taxes.

Trump thinks the best course of action is just to repeal the estate tax completely, combined with increasing the amount from capital gains taxes.

It seems like each candidate has a new plan of action with every debate. Without question each candidate has plans that very well may reshape the economy. Until those possible plans have been carried out there’s no way to tell how much of an impact they will have on the American public. Businessman Brad Reifler believes this presidential race could shape the economy’s future.

About Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is probably most known for founding Forefront Advisory in 2009. He also serves as CEO of the company. Reifler has had a hand in many successful startups through the years. His work has earned him the title of “serial entrepreneur” in business circles. He is also the founder of Pali Capital Inc. He served as the company’s CEO for over a decade. He was Pali Capital’s Senior Managing Director as well.

Reifler is the true definition of the term “workhorse.” He keeps vampire hours because of how hard he works. It would take all day to name everything Brad Reifler has accomplished. Which is an ode to his excellence as a businessman.