Amazing Flavors From Livio Bisterzo And Hippeas

People today are not content with ordinary flavors. They want something more. They want flavors that will offer them a memorable taste that they can enjoy. This is something that those at Hippeas know very well. Like their clients, they want to do all they can to make every single calorie count. This is why Livio Bisterzo and his team at Green Park Brands have worked hard to develop an entirely new snacking concept.

His team knows that today’s clients are well aware of the kind of snacking options they can find. They know that they need to offer their clients something they can’t find anywhere else. This is why they have worked hard in order to create an entirely new brand of snacks they know that their clients will love eating any time of the day. The new brand is all about flavor that is also healthy.

New Flavors Of All Kinds

Hippeas is a brand that offers all natural, organic chick pea snacks that are made only from the finest possible ingredients. Each bag of Hippeas is one that offers something for each person to enjoy. Those who love to munch on something with hint of sweet maple syrup will find it right here. The subtle taste of smoked hickory is one that many people also love.

Snackers can find it right here with help from those at this company. They aim for flavors that are complex, allowing for a richer mouth feel as people eat. The richer mouth feel is one that makes people feel indulged even when they are simply taking a break during the day to have an informal snack in their spare time.

A Zest For Life

Livio Bisterzo is someone who has a zest for life. Growing up in Italy taught him the innate joys of simple life pleasures. Since that time, Livio has worked hard to bring this idea into something very real. As a result of his hard work, he has seen his business ideas come to life again and again.

Today, the Italian native chooses to make his home in Los Angeles. Here, in the capital of a state of abundant sunshine, he sees people all the time doing their best to live out a healthy lifestyle that is all about embracing the good life at every single turn. He knows he can offer them something they will love.

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