InnovaCare Health Makes the Grade

InnovaCare Health is a company that works with the Medicare Advantage systems in Puerto Rico to administer plans to people who have Medicare in the territory. They make sure that the people are able to get what they need from the Medicare program on and they do so through the different avenues that they have to offer their clients. This allows them to be one of the best companies in the entire territory and gives them the edge over many other companies. They are the only ones that offer two different options for people to choose from with the plans that they have.

Rick Shinto, the CEO and Penelope Kokkinides, the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare, run the business to make sure that it is successful. They want to make sure that everyone who has a plan through InnovaCare gets the care that they need. Penelope Kokkinides have even been known to step into the trenches to make sure that they can get what needs to be done, done. This has allowed them the edge over the other leaders of the company to be able to provide their clients with exactly what they need.

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They have worked hard to provide all of the care that different people need in the Medicare Advantage field. InnovaCare have plans that are created to suit the different needs and the different eligibilities of the people who receive Medicare. This has given them the chance to truly see what the system is about and to make things better for the clients that they have in the Medicare field. It has also given them the chance to improve the options that they can offer to people who have these plans.

They are a managed care company and they work to manage the care that people receive when they visit their physician. Many physicians choose to use them because they do not have to do anything when they use the managed care company. This means that they have nothing that needs to be done other than submitting the paperwork from each of the patients that they have had and from the billing that they have done to the patients’ insurance companies.