Cream of the Crop – Brian Bonar

San Diego area resident, Brian Bonar, comes across in high regard. Many consider him an expert in the financial field, specifically in mergers and the entrepreneurial spirit. His track record proves this theory as he has been named “Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance” in 2010.

His education is highly esteemed starting the Mechanical Engineering degree, followed by an MBA and a doctorate in international business from Stafford University. Don’t forget to address his as Dr. Bonar when you meet him.

As mentioned above his track record has been exceptional. Starting off his career at IBM as a procurement manager has let him never look back. From there he jumped from high-level management business gaining experience and diversity in various industries. Finally, in June of 1999, he settled into the CEO of Dalrada Financial Services.

Daldra Financial deals with various aspects including Tax Strategy, Benefits and Supplementary Insurance along with many others. His specific responsibilities are for strategy and vision for the company. His creative mindset and the ability to see issues as opportunities gives him the advantage to be successful.

The latest venture Brian Bonar has been on is Trucept where he is the Chairman and CEO. This business deals with human resource development including temporary staffing and insurance products.

Brian Bonar’s career has been exceptional. His leadership skills were honed at a young age working with associates at IBM. Those leadership skills as he guides two companies working with people at other companies to ensure they have their needs met.

In addition to his work credentials, Brian is in involved in the Lions Club, Escondido Children’s Museum and Boys and Girls Club. This aspect gives him the down to earth perspective that is needed to work various people and personalities. People come first and the growth of business ultimately comes through relationships.