Travel Destinations and Wild Ark

Most of the travel destinations can be described as eco-conscious or conservation centered sites. These sites are also used to promote social life, human rights, and protection of the environment. In addition to social life, travel destinations offer community-based tourism. In that case, there are several travel destinations across the world. Examples of these travel destinations include Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve and Black River George in Mauritius.

The resort of Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve is built under the ranges of Andes Mountain in Chile. The rooms of the resort are uniquely and beautifully built in the mountain structure that is covered with grass. The main tourist attractions in Huilo Huilo Biological Reserves are the hot springs and endangered species. The scenery of the Huilo Huilo Resort is an excellent representation of nature. The destination has a building that resembles the shape of a volcano. The same building has a waterfall running over it. As a result, the building is described as Magic Mountain.

Black River Gorge is a national park in Mauritius that covers more than eight thousands of hectares of land. The park is home to many endangered species including plants and animals. The site is used to preserve the unique scenery of Mauritian Island. The activities that are usually enjoyed by tourists when they visit the park include quad biking, archery, and horse riding.

About World Ark

World Ark is an organization that was established by Sophie Hutchinson and Mark. Together with other team members, Mark and Hutchinson are passionate about the preservation of wildlife. They are concerned about the problems that are facing the wildlife. The team is actively working hard to bring a difference. They are even committed to educating people about the importance of preserving the wildlife. This will ensure that the planet, Earth, is protected for the next generation.

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