Becoming a Member of Nine9

Nine9 is an online company that works out of several different cities and states. They have offices in every major city of the USA because they want to expand their work throughout different states. They know that there are young people who want to break out into the acting and music world, and with the connections that they have built over the years, Nine9 is the company that can help you out on becoming a successful star. They are here to give you the opportunity that you have always been looking for. They have audition notices, online marketing, advertising tools, and everything in between to help you land the dream job of a lifetime.

Nine9 is a wonderful company that allows for anybody to join in. They focus their time and money on the people who don’t have careers yet in this business or an agent. They want every person being given the chance to act and sing or be in a production. They know that every kind of look is needed, and they can connect you to all the right people so you can be working in this business. It all begins when you decide to visit the website and sign up.

There is a couple of things that they look for in new people who want to become a part of the entertainment industry by Nine on You Tube. They want to make sure that it is indeed a good fit. They love it when they have new people walk in to their office to get to know them and find out what they are genuinely capable of. They can help you make it in this business if you are ready for it. The entertainment industry is always in need of new people, and if you’re the right fit you might as well just join in.

Marc Sparks Talks About The Requirements Of Success

The world of the entrepreneur is a lot different from the world of the employee. For one thing, the entrepreneur does not have the luxury or the limits of hourly pay, unless he chooses it in some fashion. Among the things that the entrepreneur learns is that there is a lot of work to be done as an entrepreneur compared to the work as an employee. At first, this does seem like a disadvantage. However, once one gets past that hurdle, then he will be glad that he has taken such an unlimited potential for earnings.


Marc Sparks is someone who has seen the advantages of being an entrepreneur. However, there is one thing that he knows about being an entrepreneur. One thing he knows is that it is important to work hard in order to succeed as an entrepreneur. One thing that is not wise is to try and find out what the bare minimum is for success. When people try to barely meet the requirements for success, then they set themselves up for disappointment. It is better to make sure one is working way past the requirements of success so that they will be successful before they know it.


Marc Sparks himself is very passionate about what he is doing. He has traveled to different parts of the world. He also has a site that he uses to give people different insights. Among the sites that he has is one site with a home page that displays a biblical verse. He is one that lives by that biblical verse and his application of that verse to his life has brought him a lot of success. Marc Sparks is someone who is very successful in business because he wants to help others build their business and a successful life.


Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Online Reputation Management

In a recent piece in Entrepreneur, Aaron Agius offers up a few tips about getting started with reputation management. Incredibly, many business people still think of their online presence as something “extra” or “optional.” What they don’t consider is that their business and livelihood are vulnerable if anyone decides to complain about or attack their brand online. All it takes is one dedicated detractor to cost your business dearly.

Agius provides some fairly impressive statistics to back up the point. In a report by, a whopping 92% of consumers go online to research business before deciding to do business. If this is true, we can basically assume that anyone with an internet connection is likely to look you up to find information about you before deciding to buy your product or use your services. The conclusion is obvious. You need to pay attention to what people are saying about you online.

That’s the first strategy that Agius recommends, monitoring what people are saying about your brand online. There are several online tools, such as Me on the Web, which will help you track online mentions of your name or brand. Just as important as staying in tune with what people are saying about you, is communicating with your customers and potential customers. Interacting with your detractors on social media is a way of putting out fires early. Listen to the concerns of unsatisfied costumers and see what you can do to make things right. Often, just the act of listening and showing concern will have a positive impact.

The fundamental challenge for companies is to take responsibility for their online footprint. To be sure, not every complaint is justified, but where you made a mistake, be transparent and acknowledge it. Even in unwarranted complaints, there is often a grain of truth, a lesson to be learned. Use the feedback you get from social media to improve your business. Social media isn’t just a lead machine. It’s a two-way channel of communication.

Agius reassures entrepreneurs that there is no need to worry. Just be aware and being proactive will put you ahead of the online reputation management game.


Mike Baur’s Journey from Childhood to the Launch of Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is an accomplished Swiss Businessman and a renowned entrepreneur. He is known for co-founding the famed Swiss Startup Factory. Baur has acquired more than twenty years of working experience in the banking sector. He has been featured in many magazines and journals including the prestigious Wall Street Journal.


Childhood and Education Background


Lots of adventure characterized Mr. Baur’s childhood. Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland, where he was raised up. Since his childhood, he always had a keen interest in everything concerning the banking and finance sectors. These interests influenced his educational choices and, later, his career.


Mike Baur pursued his bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance at University of Applied Sciences, Bern, where he graduated in 2000. In 2007, he went back for his Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Rochester. At the same time, he pursued his Executive Master of Business Administration at Universitat Bern. He graduated in both courses in 2008.


Mike Baur’s Career


Mike Baur served in various banking and finance industry positions. Some of the companies he has served in include UBS Fribourg, Client Group Switzerland, Wealth Management Switzerland, and Private Banking Switzerland.


Mike Baur’s exceptional skills saw him selected to key managerial positions. He has been the Chief Executive Officer for his startup, Baur IS. In 2015, he co-founded the renowned Swiss Startup Factory and acted as its executive chairman. Later in September 2015, Mr. Baur began serving as the vice president of the Innovation Lab, Fribourg. A month later, he co-founded and directed Swiss Startup Association. In January 2016, Mike became the deputy managing director of Swiss Startup invest.


Having co-founded Swiss startup Factory at the age of thirty-nine, Mike Baur acts as its executive chairman. His duties include organizing financing rounds and fundraising activities at the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur is also a mentor to future entrepreneurs in Switzerland. He has helped many budding entrepreneurs start their ventures.


About Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory was launched in 2014. It was conceived by three committed entrepreneurs, Oliver Walzer, Mike Baur, and Max Meister. Swiss Startup Factory has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The company continually searches for outstanding digital entrepreneurs.


Swiss Startup Factory is dedicated to equipping entrepreneurs with unique opportunities both in Switzerland and beyond. It also hosts a three-month accelerator program where entrepreneurs are coached and mentored on how to achieve their goals and objectives. They are later released to go and apply what they have learned.


The Successful Work of JeanMarie Guenot Through Amphivena Therapeutics and Takeda


Amphivena is a company that has been successful for the last ten year. It is a therapeutic company that is based out of San Francisco. Regarding research, it has made groundbreaking discoveries. It is an organization that is working to discover ways in which blood cancers can be eliminated from the face of the world. It is led by JeanMarie Guenot who is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company.


Perhaps that is the reason why Amphivena has been successful in the field of research.

Her leadership is unmatched because Jeanmarie is experienced. She has all it takes to work for the firm to the right direction of coming up with ways to combat blood cancer for the restoration of formation of blood and also the circulation. She has accomplished a lot concerning her career. Remember that apart from leading Amphivena to great heights, she also has twenty years of experience in the area of pharmaceutical as well as Biochemistry. Other things that she is experienced in include pharmaceutical R & D, commercial development and many areas of business. All of which is credited on Jeanmarie Guenot’s LinkedIn page here.


JeanMarie Guenot is the mastermind behind building and establishment of SKS Ocular. She started the firm even before going to Amphivena. The company is a startup ophthalmic incubator. Reports say that during his tenure with SKS Ocular, she became involved in various areas such as treating of inflammation, macular degeneration, and other issues that are related to medicine. She continued shining in her career and even became the advisor for Hoffmann-La Roche. She has also served as the Vice President of Business Development at PDL BioPharma and Corporate.


JeanMarie Guenot is experienced, and that can be seen from her past accomplishments in the medical field. Apart from being in the medical field, she is also involved in businesses, and that is why she has acquired the leadership skills. She has served many organizations which have praised his hard work and dedication in accomplishing what she wants. Her experience is what has enabled her to lead Amphivena to achieve a lot regarding research and discoveries. They are now working as to come up with first class bi-functional antibody therapy.

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Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Provide Doctors with New Tool in the Fight Against Cancer

The fight against cancer has been long and arduous as medical researchers have tirelessly battled the disease. While the ultimate prize for their efforts would be a cure for the affliction that far too often does more than just destroy a person’s body but takes a great toll on those closest to them as well, researchers have only discovered new ways to treat the disease.

All the while, cases of cancer continue to increase every year in the meantime while doctor’s search for an effective treatment for a disease that manifests in a myriad of ways.

The National Cancer Institute announced early this year that an estimated number of 1,685,210 new cases were diagnosed in 2016 alone with an additional 595,690 deaths caused by cancer. It is predicted that one in three adults will have a cancer diagnosis at some point during their life.

Advancements in treatments have increased the life expectancy and remission rate for those living with a diagnosis.

One organization looking to add more stories of successful treatments to the stats is Chicago-based technology company Tempus, who have devised a new platform to be utilized by doctors in their fight to treat patients.

Tempus’ platform allows physicians and patients to have access to the vast store of information regarding treatment options, individual studies, and successes providing a valuable tool in treatment.

By using tissue samples provided by the patients, Tempus is able to run diagnostic tests to determine the DNA and RNA sequences of a patient’s cell which is then compared against the cancerous cells to help illustrate a better picture of the mutation occurring.

The detailed report regarding the patient’s individual gene mutations is then sent to the physician along with data regarding relevant cases as well as clinical trials that will aid a physician in choosing the best treatment path to follow.

The innovative approach to treating cancer is due in no small part to co-founder Eric Lefkofsky and his amazing team of researchers, physicians, and advisors.

Eric Lefkofsky who has helped lead some of the most enterprising companies of the last few years has turned his focus to helping end the battle against cancer.

Tempus is just one Lefkofsky’s many efforts aimed at better the lives of others through science and medical research.

With the aid of his wife, Eric has also founded the Lefkofsky Foundation which was created as part of the philanthropists’ efforts in “purpose of supporting charitable, scientific, and educational organizations and causes around the world.”

To learn more about the advances being made by Tempus and how you can schedule your own consultations visit