End Citizens United Gathers Its Own Fundraising Arsenal

Times News Magazine recently reported that the Russians bought social media ads under the cover of the Citizen’s United decision in order to sway public opinion across the United States. For End Citizen’s United, there couldn’t be a clearer signal of why the Supreme Court Decision needs to be overturned. According to a statement released by End Citizens United president Tiffany Muller, “loopholes the size of the Kremlin exist” and are swaying voters just as much as the big money provided by Wall Street Bankers.


The solution, for the End Citizens United political action committee, is very obvious. Congress needs to take action in order to authorize the FCC and FEC to block unlimited, anonymous spending in the elections. Foreign entities with the financial power to sway American elections are currently being allowed to do so, and that poses a clear risk to our democratic systems. Worse, since all the donations are anonymous, there is no easy way for the public to know who is spending the money, or what the money is buying.


Of the 100,000 donations to the End Citizens United political action committee in the first three months of 2017, 40,000 were first time donors. The average donation was 12 dollars, money given by citizens who, according to ECU reports, feel diminished and voiceless within the political process due to a few big money donors able to contribute millions. The End Citizens United PAC is on track to earn 35 million dollars by the 2018 mid-term elections, a 10 million dollar increase over 2016, which was their first major election season.


In the first quarter of 2017 the donations have raised 4 million dollars for their cause, which is dedicated to overturning the Citizen’s United Ruling. That Supreme Court decision opened the floodgates of union and corporate political donations by ruling that the money given was equal to speech under the law, and thus could not be suppressed politically. It also led to the creation of Super PACS, which can raise unlimited amounts of money for causes and candidates.


Unlike the Super PACs it protests against, End Citizens United is a regular political action committee, which means that it cannot accept donations larger than 5,000 dollars from a single individual. In addition to campaigning against Citizens United, it has supported many Democratic candidates in the elections, including the run-off this year by Democratic House candidate Jon Ossoff in Georgia and plans to continue that practice in the future.


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