Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Provide Doctors with New Tool in the Fight Against Cancer

The fight against cancer has been long and arduous as medical researchers have tirelessly battled the disease. While the ultimate prize for their efforts would be a cure for the affliction that far too often does more than just destroy a person’s body but takes a great toll on those closest to them as well, researchers have only discovered new ways to treat the disease.

All the while, cases of cancer continue to increase every year in the meantime while doctor’s search for an effective treatment for a disease that manifests in a myriad of ways.

The National Cancer Institute announced early this year that an estimated number of 1,685,210 new cases were diagnosed in 2016 alone with an additional 595,690 deaths caused by cancer. It is predicted that one in three adults will have a cancer diagnosis at some point during their life.

Advancements in treatments have increased the life expectancy and remission rate for those living with a diagnosis.

One organization looking to add more stories of successful treatments to the stats is Chicago-based technology company Tempus, who have devised a new platform to be utilized by doctors in their fight to treat patients.

Tempus’ platform allows physicians and patients to have access to the vast store of information regarding treatment options, individual studies, and successes providing a valuable tool in treatment.

By using tissue samples provided by the patients, Tempus is able to run diagnostic tests to determine the DNA and RNA sequences of a patient’s cell which is then compared against the cancerous cells to help illustrate a better picture of the mutation occurring.

The detailed report regarding the patient’s individual gene mutations is then sent to the physician along with data regarding relevant cases as well as clinical trials that will aid a physician in choosing the best treatment path to follow.

The innovative approach to treating cancer is due in no small part to co-founder Eric Lefkofsky and his amazing team of researchers, physicians, and advisors.

Eric Lefkofsky who has helped lead some of the most enterprising companies of the last few years has turned his focus to helping end the battle against cancer.

Tempus is just one Lefkofsky’s many efforts aimed at better the lives of others through science and medical research.

With the aid of his wife, Eric has also founded the Lefkofsky Foundation which was created as part of the philanthropists’ efforts in “purpose of supporting charitable, scientific, and educational organizations and causes around the world.”

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