George Soros: Liberal Legend

Similar to a hero who returns to the political battlefield when the democrats of America feel they most need him, George Soros has become well known in regards to the millions of dollars that he has personally pumped into the campaigns of democratic party candidates striving to defeat intolerable conservative nominees. Soros was extremely active (donated 27 million) in the election of 2004 while trying to defeat the Bush campaign and he had already donated 25 million dollars to the Clinton campaign in the 2016 democratic election by July 27th 2016. Sources have reported that the reason Soros has donated such a significant amount of money to 2016’s election on Biography specifically is not only due to his faith in Hillary Clinton but also he was largely motivated by the horror of the alternative, now president elect, Donald Trump.

Soros is a man who believes very strongly that reforms must be made in the fields of immigration, criminal justice, and religious tolerance. These issues only became more serious when they were challenged in the most severe way by president elect Trump. George Soros’s strong stance in the face of adversity by the conservatives was speculated to have significantly raised the amount of contributions given to the Clinton campaign. His vast sum of money that he contributed was said to have sparked a similar motivation in other American liberals. This created a major gap between the economic strength of the Clinton campaign over the Trump campaign.

George Soros is a man who sees the value of his significant amount of money as more than a number by which he can boast and attain a lavish lifestyle. He is a man who sees his wealth as a means to contribute to the betterment of society. Following the 2004 election where Bush became president, Soros decided that he could use his money more effectively by donating millions to international foundations that focus on shaping the democratic process in Europe, human rights, and international access to healthcare and education. He had said following the election of president Bush that he would never again contribute large sums of money to a political campaign and it wasn’t until Donald Trump had decided to run that Soros reentered himself into the political world. Unfortunately for Soros, the large sums of money donated by himself and those that he inspired were not enough to have Hillary Clinton emerge from this 2016 election the victor. As Americans, we can only hope that great donors like him will continue to fight for what they believe in and motivate those around them to do the same despite their disapproval of the outcomes of elections such as the most recent election and in the election of president Bush in 2004. Without the bravery of Americans such as him, there will be no initial spark to motivate the masses to fight for what they believe in. With the extinguishing of that single spark goes the existence of the American spirit to fight for what is right and just.

Mike Heiligenstein Leads The Technology To Improve Transportation In Central Texas

Most of the discussions regarding transit focus directly on the city of Austin. The discussion in Williamson County however, focused on transportation in the suburbs. Mike Heiligenstein was the expert on mobile authority and there has been an aerial gondola system proposed for the area in Central Austin. The discussions talked about how much technology has changed the capabilities of transportation. Mike is the current director for the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.


Mike noted that technology has made driverless vehicles and applications to share rides possible and that this will give Austin opportunities they have not had before. He stated Austin still needs to develop their transportation systems and specifically have smarter roads constructed. He believes the transportation growth in the suburbs must be met before the needs of the growing population can be reached.


Many subjects were discussed, such as parking garages only five feet in height with multiple levels for parking and service stations and newer, smarter roads to accommodate all of the cars and trucks. With so many vehicles in the Austin area, this is only one of the many issues needing to be addressed.


The rate Austin is growing will nullify all the current efforts regarding roads and mass transit. Eventually, a twelve lane highway on both U.S. Highway 183 and the State Highway 290 will become a necessity. Solutions such as sharing rides or taking a bus were discussed but people must first be convinced there are viable options besides driving their own cars.


Mike Heiligenstein works for the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority in the position of Executive Director. The agency is located in Austin Texas and was started in 2002 with the purpose of finding a modernized transportation network that would work well in Central Texas. They are planning to implement a system that will be capable of meeting the needs in this extremely quickly growing area. Mike has been a part of the Authority since it first began and oversaw the first project they did. This established a fully electronic toll collection that did not require cash. This was known as the Manor Expressway project and it is currently open. There are also six different expressways planned to be built all across the Central Texas area.





The Beauty of Working at Workville’s Co-Working Spaces

Located in New York City on the 21st floor of building 1412 Broadway, Workville is a co-working space strategically located in New York. The Building is situated near Times Square, Bryant Park, and significant transportation facilities. The working space offers a flexible and friendly office environment consisting of different start-ups and small businesses all oozing success. It also avails open desks, shared rooms, and move-in ready offices. Additionally, one also gets access to the café, lounge area and three outdoor terraces where members can hold meetings take calls or even spread out to work. It is known for sun-drenched offices and was named one of Crain’s top 5 recommended co-working spaces.


The co-working business model is a strong business model, which it has successfully exploited through scaling, making it sustainable. It has tremendous benefits to the community, which brings together brilliant minds. A co-working space like this comes with many benefits and advantages, especially in a big city like New York. Cost saving is a huge plus. Not only do you save monetarily, but there are also perks such as free coffee, reliable internet, and even fruit water. They are free in the sense that they are included in the monthly rent, limiting overhead costs. Set-up costs such as phone lines and internet connectivity are also eliminated.

Additionally, the cost of finding service providers is significantly reduced since co-working brings you in proximity to other businesses. Business growth is; thus, propelled forward through such networking opportunities because it is so easy to land new clients. Better yet, as a business, you are granted a competitive chance using the community and the individual attention derived from co-working spaces allowing you to compete with other larger enterprises by making use of resources accessible on-demand at the disposal of your working area. Lastly, a co-working space like Workville curtails home office loneliness, or home calamities brought about by the absence of human interaction at the very lonely home office, or distraction from family members who somehow don’t realize that a home office is a place of work.

Featured on different media spaces such as LiquidSpace, Copass and Yelp reviewers heaped praise on the space thanks to its central location, beautiful terraces, the various options of working space available and in general, the conducive working environment it offers through TLC from the team that runs the place. The owners are very attentive to their clients’ needs and always ensure that amenities are available as attested to by different reviewers. From reliable internet, fresh coffee, and even Star’s fruit water, Workville caters for your comfort to help you reach your entrepreneurial prowess.

Cream of the Crop – Brian Bonar

San Diego area resident, Brian Bonar, comes across in high regard. Many consider him an expert in the financial field, specifically in mergers and the entrepreneurial spirit. His track record proves this theory as he has been named “Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance” in 2010.

His education is highly esteemed starting the Mechanical Engineering degree, followed by an MBA and a doctorate in international business from Stafford University. Don’t forget to address his as Dr. Bonar when you meet him.

As mentioned above his track record has been exceptional. Starting off his career at IBM as a procurement manager has let him never look back. From there he jumped from high-level management business gaining experience and diversity in various industries. Finally, in June of 1999, he settled into the CEO of Dalrada Financial Services.

Daldra Financial deals with various aspects including Tax Strategy, Benefits and Supplementary Insurance along with many others. His specific responsibilities are for strategy and vision for the company. His creative mindset and the ability to see issues as opportunities gives him the advantage to be successful.

The latest venture Brian Bonar has been on is Trucept where he is the Chairman and CEO. This business deals with human resource development including temporary staffing and insurance products.

Brian Bonar’s career has been exceptional. His leadership skills were honed at a young age working with associates at IBM. Those leadership skills as he guides two companies working with people at other companies to ensure they have their needs met.

In addition to his work credentials, Brian is in involved in the Lions Club, Escondido Children’s Museum and Boys and Girls Club. This aspect gives him the down to earth perspective that is needed to work various people and personalities. People come first and the growth of business ultimately comes through relationships.

Whoever Wins the Presidential Race Could Have a Huge Impact on the Livelihood of Many Americans

This years presidential race may be the most aggressive yet. Each debate seems to up the ante a little more. Each candidate is trying extremely hard to discount the other’s political plans and strongly advocate for their own. Honestly, it makes for great entertainment, but it’s tough to say if you can believe wholeheartedly in either candidate.

I think most Americans are most skeptical about how each candidate, if voted in, will affect their livelihood for better or for worse. Each candidate has talked about plans they think will have a huge impact on the nation.

Both candidates have expressed a want to alter the way estate taxes are handled. Both Clinton and Trump also agree that certain areas of the estate tax should be removed. This removal will no doubt bring more attention to capital gains taxes. They do have different plans to handle the estate taxes.

Trump thinks the best course of action is just to repeal the estate tax completely, combined with increasing the amount from capital gains taxes.

It seems like each candidate has a new plan of action with every debate. Without question each candidate has plans that very well may reshape the economy. Until those possible plans have been carried out there’s no way to tell how much of an impact they will have on the American public. Businessman Brad Reifler believes this presidential race could shape the economy’s future.

About Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is probably most known for founding Forefront Advisory in 2009. He also serves as CEO of the company. Reifler has had a hand in many successful startups through the years. His work has earned him the title of “serial entrepreneur” in business circles. He is also the founder of Pali Capital Inc. He served as the company’s CEO for over a decade. He was Pali Capital’s Senior Managing Director as well.

Reifler is the true definition of the term “workhorse.” He keeps vampire hours because of how hard he works. It would take all day to name everything Brad Reifler has accomplished. Which is an ode to his excellence as a businessman.

How Fashion and Technology Influence each other’s Growth

On September 22, 2016, Christopher Burch wrote an article that analyzed how technology has influenced fashion trends. Most importantly, he noted that although both the technological and fashion industry have experienced various changes over the years, they both grow together. To assess what the two industries have in store for the future, Burch evaluated their past and present developments.

Burch looked at the current synthesis of fashion and technology. In this case, Anouk Wipprecht served as the ideal example of a fashion designer who has been marrying technology and fashion. Anouk is renowned for her avant-garde designs. Some of her popular designs include a drink-making dress as well as a self-painting dress.

Various designs have emerged with the aim of serving as protective gear. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt are the designers behind the creation of the Airbag for Cyclists. This particular design is more fashionable as opposed to wearing bike protection. Other designers such as SegraSegra and Emma have recycled various materials such as inner tubes to make jackets and radiator copper to make a gown respectively.

Various technological gadgets that have taken advantage of fashion include Google Glasses, which were worn by Diane Von Furstenberg’s models.

Christopher Burch

Prominently known as the chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch is not only a serial entrepreneur but also an active investor. His entrepreneurial accomplishments commenced in 1976 while still studying at Ithaca College as an undergraduate student. Together with Bob, his brother, they invested about $2000 in building Eagle’s Eye apparel. Fortunately enough, the business became a success and was later sold to Swire Group. After the sale, Burch moved on to other ventures, which have propelled him to the success status that he enjoys today.

Having invested in a broad range of industries for almost forty years, Burch has contributed significantly to the development of multiple luxury and technology brands. Some of these brands include Poppin, Voss Water, Jawbone as well as Faena Hotel+ Universe. Burch has an exceptional investment portfolio, especially in the real estate development market in areas such as Southampton, Florida, Palm Beach and Nantucket. Currently, Burch is involved in the development of consumer and lifestyle brands ranging from home furnishings, apparel, and retail to technology, hospitality and organic foods industries. Some of these brands include Soludos, Little Duck Organics, Blink Health, BaubleBar and Brad’s Raw Foods.

More for Chris Burch here.

Everything That All Young Adults Ought to Know About Finance

Brad Reifler has been an investor for a couple of decades now. Through his time in business, there are lessons that he has learned and would like to share with people that are thinking about investing, especially the younger generation. He states that following these principles are the foundation that can help one start creating a great portfolio as early in life as possible.

Creating a budget

Brad states that just like businesses make an annual budget, the individual needs to come up with a monthly budget they will be following. The budget will factor in the amount of money they are earning and the fraction of that money they want to be spending on the different parts of their needs.

Understanding net salary

One thing that one would think is common is the practice of people looking at their pay stub to figure out how they earned. He states that it is very important to look at one’s pay stub. This is what reveals how much you earned, how much you paid as federal taxes and the net amount you are to receive after the payments. These deductions are the reason Brad Reifler states that one gets paid less than they actually earn.

The role of compound interest

The greatest thing about making savings for retirements is that the money earns interest over time. As you continue saving, the interest becomes part of the savings, creating bigger saving and more interest. This means that by the time one retires, they will have a good amount of money in their accounts by the time they get to their retirement.

The other principle Brad Reifler advocates for is the creation of a good credit history. He states that while it is possible for a student to have a poor credit score and still get a loan, it will be close to impossible to get a mortgage with poor credit. Getting finances in order will help one avoid a deepening debt trap.