Ancient Arms And Armor And Storytelling: The Passions Of Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber has two passions: They are storytelling and collecting ancient weapons.

He also loves Japanese culture and history in general. He has combined all of those in his new book Shogun Iemitsu. Zomber also gets to share his knowledge of antique arms as a regular guest on the History Channel programs including Tales of the Gun. But guns aren’t the only weapon about which he has encyclopedic knowledge. He also knows a great deal about one of his favorite weapons, the samurai sword. In his many books he is able to share tales that tell stories about these weapons and the people that wield them.

Few people are as fortunate as Michael Zomber. He loves ancient arms and armor and has been collecting them for more than 40 years. He also loves literature and storytelling and his UCLA undergraduate and graduate degrees are in literature. He writes books, produces independent films and regularly appears on the History Channel talking about all the topics he loves. He has written several books and screenplays about his favorite topics and his hobby, ancient weapons. Plus his documentary about Bushido called Soul of the Samurai made him a famous and internationally respected historian. And they pay him to do all those things. Life is good for Michael Zomber.

He even started a film company with his wife Andrea called Renascent Films LLC. And when the Zombers aren’t mingling the antiques arms experts, they volunteer with organizations working towards world peace like UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, NGO and many others. Michael Zomber is fortunate indeed. Few people get to share their interesting and meaningful life’s work with their families.

Michael Zomber’s passion, knowledge and wide-ranging expertise afford him the opportunity to make many radio and television appearances. He and his wife use this visibility to advocate for the de-escalation of war and conflict and better access to health and education resources for all. The noble way of the samurai indeed.

How To Achieve Financial Freedom Through Stock Trading

To some experienced stock traders, buying and selling stock online is a simple process. But for newbies, trading stocks on the Internet is a total mystery. With the advent of online brokerage accounts and software tools, online stock trading has become simpler. But there are some steps to follow help beginners trade stocks online.

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